Doorways to Independence

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One of the biggest challenges for an individual with a disability living in NYC is accessibility within the home. Most apartments and houses are not built to be accessible to people with disabilities – UCP of NYC’s Doorways to Independence helps change that.

UCP of NYC’s Doorways to Independence initiative helps individuals with disabilities to live in accessible housing, both through home modifications and through housing case management. The goal of this program is to provide services and information that foster independence and community inclusion.

By widening doors and installing special switches, handrails and grab bars, individuals with limited mobility can move about more freely, access every room, and operate lights and equipment with ease. Installation of ramps and lifts provide increased access to the world outside the home.

In addition, our housing case management services assist families in navigating the complex housing systems in NYC.

UCP of NYC works hard to relieve some of the challenges of life with a disability. Through our Doorways to Independence programs, including Access to Home and Housing Assistance Services, we are here to offer our help.

For more information about UCP of NYC’s Doorways to Independence, or to apply to a program, please contact UCP Project CONNECT to learn more.

877-UCP-CONNECT (877-827-2666)

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